A century-old mission to serve those in need

Founded in 1913, St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) is a community service arm of the Diocese of Singapore and oversees five services including St. Andrew’s Nursing Homes and St. Andrew’s Autism Centre.

Committed to serving members of the community regardless of race, religion and socio-economic status, SAMH’s mission is to provide holistic care and healing to the underserved and disadvantaged by ministering to their physical, mental, social and special needs based on Christian values.

St. Andrew’s Nursing Homes:
Enabling better health, better care and a better life for the elderly

In line with a shared mission of providing for vulnerable communities in Singapore, Lew Foundation supports the work of St. Andrew’s Nursing Homes (SANH) and their efforts to create safe, inclusive and rehabilitative spaces for the elderly.

With the goal of delivering Better Health, Better Care and Better Life to its residents, SANH’s model of care focuses on resident-centric care that helps to ensure that the medical, psychological and social needs of residents are well looked after.

A 300-bed purpose-built facility, SANH (Buangkok) provides long-term nursing and rehabilitative care for residents suffering from dementia and other mental health conditions. Through its recovery and rehabilitation programmes, residents are given a chance to regain self-confidence and to live with dignity.

Contributions from the Foundation have helped to fund operating costs and crucial upgrading works to improve existing infrastructure and procure new medical equipment such as patient lifters with four-point loop spreaders, electric shower trolley heads, Eva walkers and mobile hoists. These changes help to enhance the level of safety and quality of services offered to residents.

In 2017, Lew Foundation contributed $4 million for the construction of SANH (Henderson) and SANH (Queenstown), adding a total of 544 new beds to SANH’s overall capacity. Both homes provide long-term nursing and rehabilitation care for residents, including those suffering from dementia.

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre:
Bringing hope and relief across the spectrum

In 2019, Lew Foundation awarded St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) with the Lew Foundation Assistance Fund to support the residents and clients at St. Andrew’s Adult Home (SAAH) (Sengkang) [a service of SAAC] who face financial difficulties. Due to the economic and financial distress that resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fund’s coverage was extended to SAAC’s two Day Activity Centres (DACs) in 2020, to include clients and their families in need.

SAAH (Sengkang) provides specialised residential care for adults on the autism spectrum in a nurturing and supportive environment. With a 148-bed facility, it caters specifically to autistic adults and those with intellectual disabilities. Staff are trained to provide specialised support in emotional and behavioural management, training in Activities of Daily Living, and an autism-friendly engagement programme to the residents in its care.

SAAC’s DACs at two different locations – SAAH (Sengkang) and SAAC (Siglap), provide crucial training and support in the development of daily living skills, recreational skills, vocational and community living skills to persons on the autism spectrum. The goal is to improve their level of adaptability and independence.

Lew Foundation’s contributions offer much-needed relief to families in need with children who are on the spectrum. Many of them struggle with overwhelming financial challenges and caregiving responsibilities, which have been further exacerbated by the global pandemic. Aged parents, in particular, often need help to handle the emotional and behavioural issues that afflict their children.

By offering financial support to families in dire need, the Foundation enables their loved ones to access the care and developmental support they need. From therapy programmes to the training of daily living, community and vocational skills, these can help to provide a better quality of life for individuals on the spectrum and their families.

The Lew Foundation Assistance Fund currently provides for 50% of SAAH’s residents.