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Lew Foundation advocates for the less fortunate among the older and younger generations, by providing aid and assistance to those who lack the means to take care of themselves.

For the poor, the underprivileged, and individuals with physical disabilities and mental health issues like dementia, we want to help build a society that is kind, compassionate and generous to all.

Envisioning a world of good

We aspire to make a real and lasting impact in improving the lives of vulnerable individuals within Singapore’s communities, the elderly and youth in particular.

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We want to do what truly matters

Our primary mission is to support organisations and initiatives that improve the welfare of vulnerable seniors, by providing for those who struggle with their healthcare, daily living and basic needs.
For our youth, our goal is to provide disadvantaged individuals with the means to achieve social mobility through education and training, by partnering established institutions to offer critical assistance, resources and opportunities.


For its chronically ill and frail elderly residents, most of whom are either bedridden or wheelchair-bound, Methodist Welfare Services Nursing Homes provide much-needed care, comfort and compassion on a daily basis.


Founded in 1913, St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital is a community service arm of the Diocese of Singapore and oversees five services including St. Andrew’s Nursing Homes and St. Andrew’s Autism Centre.


Named after the patron saint of surgeons, St Luke’s Hospital is the first hospital in Singapore dedicated to the elderly and has been awarded for its innovation and social impact.

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