Grant Recipients

Assisi Hospice

Empowering palliative patients with personalized mobility training

A Catholic charity organization, Assisi Hospice provides quality and personalized palliative care  to low-income adults and children with life-limiting illnesses. Aimed at preserving the dignity  and quality of life of patients and their families, the hospice offers a range of inpatient, home,  and daycare services delivered by a team of specialist doctors, nurses, allied health  professionals, and pastoral care experts.  

The Lew Foundation grant will support a mobility training plan for needy patients under the  hospice’s Home Care service. Targeted at patients with mobility issues, the program includes  therapeutic exercise, mechanical modalities, manual physical therapy, and the use of assistive  devices across group and individual sessions. The goal is to help patients to improve their  mobility, independence, and overall quality of life. 

Children’s Cancer Foundation

Specialist Clinic therapy programmes for young cancer patients

Founded in 1992, Children’s Cancer Foundation’s (CCF) mission is to improve the quality of life for young cancer patients and their families as well as children whose lives have been impacted by cancer. CCF offers a range of programmes focused on enhancing the emotional, social, and medical wellbeing of those in need. Over the years, CCF has helped more than 3,700 beneficiaries at different stages of illness and recovery.

The Lew Foundation grant will be used to fund the services offered by CCF’s Specialist Clinic including art therapy, play therapy, music therapy, and animal-assisted therapy. Offered to those suffering or affected by cancer, these therapy programmes provide participants with much needed emotional and mental support on their journey.

RiverLife Community Services Ltd

Generation412: Building resilience, mental health, and leadership skills among Singapore’s youth

A non-profit organization and Family Life Ambassador (FLA) of the Ministry of Social and Family  Development, RiverLife Community Services Ltd (RCS) seeks to empower low-income families  with young children to thrive and to build stronger communities in Singapore. 

The Lew Foundation grant will support the Generation412 programme targeted at secondary  school students from local academic institutions and communities who are struggling with  mental health issues. Working with local schools and community partners, Generation412 aims  to equip these youths with critical life skills, emotional resilience, and leadership skills via sports  and outdoor activities. And to give them platiorms to build their support communities,  collaborate and contribute to society, discover their own strengths, and develop a stronger,  more positive sense of identity. 

SHINE Children & Youth Services

Providing mental health support and targeted intervention to disadvantaged youths

Established in 1976, SHINE Children and Youth Services is a registered charity and a member of the National Council of Social Service. Through services like social work, educational psychology programmes, and targeted intervention programmes, SHINE aims to build and enhance the resilience of under-resourced, at-risk, and vulnerable children, youth, and their families. Each year, SHINE serves more than 8,000 individuals.

The Lew Foundation grant will support the ResiL!ence@SHINE programme, a multipronged approach towards mental health prevention and intervention. Targeted at youths and their caregivers, the comprehensive programme covers critical areas such as outreach and psychoeducation efforts, screening and service linkage, basic emotional support, and caregiver engagement and support.

Singapore Cancer Society

Caring for Cancer Community’s Caregivers

Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) is a community-based voluntary welfare organization dedicated  to supporting cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their caregivers. Believing that no one  needs to fight cancer alone, SCS focuses their efforts on public education, advocacy, health  screenings, patient services and support, rehabilitation, home hospice services, financial  assistance, and cancer research. 

The Lew Foundation grant will be used to support the SCS rehabilitation programme for  caregivers of advanced cancer patients. Besides structured support, the programme provides  caregivers with formal and informal resources that equip and empower them to care for their  loved ones and their own physical and mental health — enhancing the quality of life for all.

Morning Star Community Services Limited

A new community facility in Whampoa for families and youth in need

Morning Star’s mission is to enrich and strengthen family relationships in Singapore. Its programmes are focused on providing care services and support to families and youth who are facing financial or other difficulties. 

The Lew Foundation grant will be used to help cover the cost of first-year operations of a new centre in Whampoa — the first community facility of its kind in the neighbourhood. Open to all, especially those who are in need, the centre will provide enhanced care services, counselling, and parent education to families at low or no cost. Funding will go towards core expenses including renovations, staffing, rental, and utilities.

Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA)

Inaugural caregiver workshop for staff, volunteers, and families caring for stroke survivors

Established in 1996, SNSA and its team of staff and volunteers offer dedicated services, support, information, and resources to stroke survivors and their caregivers. These include befriending and support groups, activities that facilitate post-stroke adjustment and care, and public education on the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of strokes. 

The Lew Foundation grant will help to fund a new series of caregiver training courses for families of stroke survivors, volunteers, and staff. The modular course will train participants on critical areas such as proper care techniques for stroke survivors and key aspects of mental health for both patients and caregivers. Staff and volunteers that have gone through these trainings will help to provide the same training to other caregivers each year. This will enable the programme to scale and benefit more in the long term.

Society for the Aged Sick (SAS)

Project Makan Special Diet for underprivileged elderly residents

SAS is a not-for-profit nursing home that provides residential and respite care services to underprivileged elderly individuals who cannot care for themselves or be cared for at home. To extend and improve the quality of life for its residents, SAS offers medical and nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietary services, dental care, social services, and emotional support. 

Project Makan Special Diet is a new programme to introduce enhanced meal options for residents who have difficulties swallowing and require a modified diet of chopped, minced, or pureed food. Under this programme, residents on a modified diet will now get a chance to enjoy specially prepared hawker fare and local favourites at least once a month. In doing so, SAS hopes to enable more positive and inclusive mealtime experiences for all its residents. The Lew Foundation grant will help to cover the higher cost of special meals for 180+ residents for eight months.

Food from the Heart

Project Belanja!

Launched in January 2019, Project Belanja! is an initiative that provides warm, nourishing meals to individuals and families in need, who have been severely impacted by difficult circumstances. Available at Tampines, Toa Payoh, Kolam Ayer and Mountbatten, meals sponsored under Project Belanja! can be redeemed at participating food stalls through a mobile app.

The Lew Foundation grant will contribute to the opening of a new location at Kebun Bahru, which will support 50 beneficiaries with 15 meals a month per beneficiary, for 12 months.

NUHS Fund Limited

Support for kidney patients with financial difficulties

NUHS Fund Limited promotes medical research and supports financially disadvantaged patients with the costs of medical treatments and their recovery process. From 2018 to 2020, the Fund supported 350 applications from financially disadvantaged patients, who could not afford their interim dialysis treatment, with a total of $685,000. Every dollar donated goes entirely towards funding patients’ needs.

The Lew Foundation grant will finance the cost of interim dialysis for needy NUHS patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, while they await placement and access to subsidised dialysis programmes.

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

A new bursary fund for students requiring financial aid

As Singapore’s university of applied learning, SIT offers industry-focused degree programmes that integrate learning, industry and community. Many of its students are also polytechnic graduates and the first in their families to attend university, working their way towards better opportunities and a brighter future.

The Lew Foundation grant will be used to establish the Lew Foundation Bursary to support financially disadvantaged undergraduates from all fields of study. The bursary will cover all education expenses for bursary recipients, enabling them to complete their studies successfully.

Singapore Red Cross Society

A Welfare Services Fund for disabled individuals in need

The Singapore Red Cross, a homegrown humanitarian organisation provides a range of social services to more than 20,000 vulnerable individuals in Singapore.

The Lew Foundation grant will fund the establishment of a Welfare Services Fund for Red Cross Home for the Disabled, Singapore’s only residential home for severely disabled persons. This will provide healthcare and medical support for individuals who suffer from severe physical and intellectual disabilities, who are from low-income families or have no next of kin. The Fund will cover medical expenses such as the cost of essential medical supplies and equipment, transport, therapy, and psychosocial support for caregivers.

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC)

Enhancing the quality of life for individuals on the spectrum

SAAC is a non-profit organisation that provides for the education, training and care of individuals with autism, and their families. Through its programmes and facilities, SAAC aims to improve the quality of life for its students and clients, enabling them to lead a life of dignity and independence.

The Lew Foundation grant will fund the upgrading of Daily Living Room (DLR) facilities at St. Andrew’s Autism School, and Day Activity Centres Sengkang and Siglap. DLRs are used to teach practical life skills, personal management, and safety skills necessary for individual or community life.